A stroll through the Champ de Mars

A stroll through the Champ de Mars

Less than a hundred metres from your Hotel de la Motte Picquet is one of the largest green spaces in Paris, the Champ de Mars. Covering some 24.5 hectares and dominated by the majestic Eiffel Tower, it is surprisingly often overlooked by visitors. However, we Parisians have ensured that it’s an appealing and interesting place to visit. Read on and let us inspire you to visit this lovely public park…


Some history

A former military drill ground, which explains the reference to the god of war in its name, the Champ de Mars has been used since the French Revolution as a place of public celebration. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, it hosted a succession of Universal Exhibitions that were splendid showcases of progress. This is why it was chosen as the location for Gustave Eiffel's innovative wrought-iron lattice tower, the centrepiece of the 1889 event. Today, the locals go there to picnic, jog and stroll with their children. Visitors delight in the beauty of the perspectives from the Ecole Militaire to the Eiffel Tower and, of course, the twinkling of the Iron Lady in the evening. 


Make the Champ de Mars your own

The Champ de Mars can be enjoyed in many ways. History buffs will find the busts of famous people, including Eiffel himself, of considerable interest, while botany lovers will have fun identifying the rare species that are planted there. You can also indulge in a romantic aperitif with champagne or take a romantic walk along the winding paths surrounding the vast central lawn. When you cross the gardens to reach the Hotel de la Motte Picquet, perhaps you will flush out one of the tawny owls or great spotted woodpeckers which have taken up residence there...

A vast green space in the heart of Paris, the Champ de Mars is above all a vibrant public park. To recharge your batteries, get some exercise or just admire the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, don't miss a visit during your stay at the Hotel de la Motte Picquet!



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