Bubble Sky Brings Joy and Colour to the Streets of Bercy Village

Bubble Sky Brings Joy and Colour to the Streets of Bercy Village

Patricia Cunha has made a name for herself on the Paris Art scene for her colourful installations. Earlier this year, visitors to the Village Royal were greeted by a bold canopy of umbrellas – shielding passers-by from the sun and any Spring showers. This multicoloured Umbrella Sky brought cheer to the street and many locals are sure to have been sad to see it go. The good news for those that enjoyed walking underneath this street scene is that Cunha now has a whole new installation set up across town. 

Bubble Sky brings a similar effect to the streets of Bercy Village. 

Bubble Sky works on the same principle of bringing joy and colour to the streets with fun, simple items. In this case, the bubbles refer to a series of 3,200 balloons that are suspended above the street. The translucent material and shapes of these clusters give the impression of a brightly coloured stream of bubbles. Visitors can look up and smile at this scene that evokes memories of childhood. What makes this installation even more appealing is that there are additional elements to enjoy. Shoppers and locals can sit on the newly painted benches and take a quiet moment to enjoy the colours. Kids can play in the Bubble Pool – which is basically a ball pool with balloons. It is a simple idea but one that will stick with kids for a long time. 


The Bubble Sky is set to remain in place over the Cour St Emilion, until the end of August. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the colourful spectacle and the transformation of Bercy Village. The only downside is that the area is sure to feel a little empty and grey when September comes around. Make the most of this installation, take the kids and add a little more colour to your summer.

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