COVID-19 : Everything You Need To Know About The Situation In Paris

COVID-19 : Everything You Need To Know About The Situation In Paris

The seriousness of the Covid-19 outbreak in France has resulted in some drastic steps. President Macron has essentially declared war on Coronavirus and placed Paris on a temporary lockdown. It is essential that all those in Paris right now follow the rules for the safety of all involved.

Everything you need to know about the situation in Paris

It has come to the point where it is now easier to list the places that are open than those that have shut. The strict rules during the Paris lockdown mean that only essential services and establishments may remain open. Hotels can remain open, but many will choose not to. Repair and cleaning services can stay open. Then, of course, there are all the grocery stores and pharmacies where residents can get food and medication. There is the recommendation to remain a metre apart in these places as part of social distancing.

It is important to remember that citizens need a signed pass to go to these essential services or to travel to them for work. Patrols are in place in the city that will check these papers and fine those that aren’t meant to outdoors. These strict measures are designed to stop the spread of Covid-19 as much as possible. Those that stay indoors and can work from home will help to protect themselves and others. Those that do head out without authorisation won’t find much to do as parks, restaurants and bars are shut to prevent social interaction.

As things stand, this period of Coronavirus lockdown in Paris will last for 15 days.

The hope is that once this 15 day period is over, measures will calm down and Parisians will be able to go out again. But, that doesn’t mean that everything will be open and completely back to normal. The best advice is to focus on April 1st and hope that things improve from there.


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