France Begins Gradual Lockdown Exit Strategy

France Begins Gradual Lockdown Exit Strategy

Everyone in the hospitality industry must do their very best to keep all guests safe and secure during this pandemic. All hotels will continue to implement all the appropriate strategies for bookings, facilities and guest safety. This also means working within government guidelines. Those looking to travel to Paris this winter, perhaps for a visit during the Christmas break, need to be aware of the ongoing restrictions in place and the limitations this could impose on their stay.

France is coming out of lockdown – but at a slow, gradual pace.

This will come as a disappointment to a lot of potential travellers, but lockdown in France doesn’t end outright on November 28th. Instead, there is a series of steps to ensure that the country can handle all the right measures and no undo all their hard work. Unfortunately, this means a bit of a wait for the tourism industry. On December 15th, it will be possible for places like museums, galleries and theatres to open up and put on socially-distanced events. This should allow for a bit more joy over the season. However, restaurants, bars and club cannot reopen until the 20th of January.

There will be some further exemptions around the Christmas break.

The government has set aside the 24th to 31 of December as a time when the ban on non-essential travel is lifted, as is the curfew. This will allow people to get together and spend some time indoors to celebrate the holidays. Visitors are urged to respect other rules to may remain and the rights of other guests at this time. The situation isn’t yet back to normal, but each step in this lockdown exit strategy should make it a lot easier for the hospitality industry to welcome more visitors and for Paris to thrive again.

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