Maya: revelation of an endless time exhibition at Quai Branly Museum

Maya: revelation of an endless time exhibition at Quai Branly Museum

The exhibition: "Maya: revelation of an endless time" that was visited by more than 400,000 people in Mexico City and Sao Paulo is now at Branly quay museum in Paris.

One of the most fascinating ancient civilisations, the Mayans are the subject of a major presentation and they continue to fascinate us till now.. This ancient civilisation with 3000 years of history was very advanced in various fields: architecture, astronomy, writing, art and mathematics, for example.

The Quai Branly Museum devotes a large exhibition to this pre-Columbian civilization. This exhibition is exceptional in terms of its geographical and temporal extent. It displays objects from the majority of Maya territories (modern-day Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico) and from the different periods that mark the extraordinary longevity of this civilisation, from the first archaeological remains (first millennium B.C.) until the present day.

The Mayan exhibition boasts a collection of around 400 masterpieces such as bas-relief and high relief sculptures, ceramic containers, lapidary art in jade, grave figurines and artefacts, jewellery, colonial documents, textiles etc...

Through this vast collection, the Branly seeks to give a sweeping panorama of the Mayan civilisation, but also a flavour of the variety of aesthetics, languages and styles which make up their culture. You will be able to see exhibits from a range of different times and communities, and fully appreciate just what a diverse cultural group the Mayans are.

The exhibition will be open until February 8, 2015.




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