The 5 Best Gardens and Parks in Paris

The 5 Best Gardens and Parks in Paris

Paris is home to many different parks. Some of these landscaped areas are what you might expect from a city on this scale. However, the culture and personality of Paris mean that there are some slightly more unusual parks and gardens to find in the city limits. Here are 5 of the best gardens and parks in Paris.

1) Promenade Plantée :

The Promenade Plantée or the Coulée verte René-Dumont is essentially Paris’ answer to The High Line in New York. This garden has added a touch of rewilding to an out-of-use railway line. The 2.7 mile stretch of gardens is like nothing else in the city and perfect for a nature walk. 

2) Parc de Belleville :

One of the reasons that people go to the Promenade is for the views. However, it is hard to beat the panoramic view of Paris from Parc de Belleville. This is a modern park on a slope in an area once deprived of a green space. It offers something a little different to the stereotypical park view. 

3) Parc Andre Citroen :

This is another location that beats all the usual stereotypes of a French city garden. This is a contemporary park in a more industrial setting. The space combines a series of smaller areas with different cultural and sensory themes. You can do more here than just admire all the pretty flowers. 

4) Le Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil :

This time we take the garden indoors. Not all plants like the typical city garden environment. The tropical plants and orchids thrive in this glasshouse and have done since 1895. This is a must for plant lovers and animal lovers alike because the glasshouse also contains birds and carp. 

5) Jardin d'Acclimatation :

Finally, why not try a park that is also a tourist attraction. There is a bit of everything going on here – from the gardens to the rides and petting zoo. It is the perfect place to have a family day out. In fact, it has been a popular destination since it was established by Napoleon III as Paris' first public amusement park.

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