Tourism in Paris in the Age of Deconfinement

Tourism in Paris in the Age of Deconfinement

The idea of life getting back to normal is something that difficult to comprehend right now. Restrictions may have eased, but things are still under tight control. For example, while many residents aren’t restricted to their homes in the same way, there are still bans on gatherings of more than 10 people. Some shops can continue to trade, with the right precautions, and workers can use the Metro with face masks. But, rush hour travel requires authorisation, you can’t drive more than 60 miles from home without permission and many businesses remain closed. This includes galleries, tourist attractions and theatres.

How is the Paris tourism industry handling this?

Naturally, the ongoing situation with Covid-19 and the slow journey of deconfinement will be of concern to the Paris tourism industry. Locals can leave their homes to walk the streets and regain a greater sense of freedom. But, the city can’t yet open the doors of its attractions, galleries and museums for fears over crowds and poor social distancing. Many cultural landmarks have short-term solutions to keep people entertained and interested. Online exhibitions and virtual tours are plentiful from a range of landmarks and institutions such as the Louvre museum. The Paris Opera now has performances screened online. But, this isn’t the same as having paying customers and full audiences.

What does the future hold for tourism in Paris?

But, this is Paris, a resilient city that has been through much worse in the past. It has always survived the threats and the tourists have always returned. Eventually, once everything is safer and tourism is permissible once more, things will start to get back to normal. Foreign travellers will be encouraged to visit the city to enjoy the art exhibitions, shows and other attractions once again. Don’t give up on the idea of a summer break in Paris just yet. We would be glad to welcome you to our Hotel de la Motte-Picquet.

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